Sree Ayyanar Spinning Weaving Mills Ltd

Sree Ayyanar Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited, belonging to the Pioneer Asia group is among the largest spinning mills in Southern India with 50,000 spindles and 5 Open End Spinning machines , situated in Virudhunagar . The group's emphasis on quality and modernisation has enabled the mill to export a substanial portion of its output of cotton yarn. The yarn from this mill has wide domestic and international markets. Long term plans here include manufacture of value added products such as knitted and woven fabrics. Unit II of the Mill has been recently commissioned under the expansion programme.

Sree Ayyanar Spinning and Weaving Mills (SAM) is in the business of spinning cotton and synthetic yarns from fibre. SAM has been in business for more than 25 years now. This is a highly labour and capital intensive industry. Modern developments in electronics are making this more capital intensive while making it less labour intensive. Cotton is the principal raw material for spinning all over the world. Man-made fibres are used to a much smaller extent, for special applications. At SAM 6,000 spindles are dedicated for spinning synthetic fibre and the balance 44,500 are used for spinning cotton.

Contact Person :
Regd.Office : Mill Premises, Mallanginar- 626109 (Near Virudhunagar)
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone: 91-4566-288522
Fax : 91-4566-288212
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